Rethinking national privacy principles: Evaluating principles for India’s proposed data protection law

This report was edited by Elonnai Hickok and Vipul Kharbanda, and originally published on the Centre for Internet & Society’s Internet Governance blog.

This analysis intends to build on the substantial work done in the formulation of the National Privacy Principles by the Committee of Experts led by Justice AP Shah.1 This brief, hopes to evaluate the National Privacy Principles and the assertion by the Committee that right to privacy be considered a fundamental right under the Indian Constitution. The national privacy principles have been revisited in light of technological developments such as big data, Internet of Things, algorithmic decision making and artificial intelligence which are increasingly playing a greater role in the collection and processing of personal data of individuals, its analysis and decisions taken on the basis of such analysis. The solutions and principles articulated in this report are intended to provide starting points for a meaningful and nuanced discussion on how we need to rethink the privacy principles that should inform the data protection law in India.

Read the PDF.

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