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How Cyberlaw can inform the legal discussions on Robotics

Last year, Ryan Calo wrote on the inherent problem of law always having to play catch up with technology. He takes the example of how over the past two decades we have seen jurisprudence evolve to understand and address the legal questions that the Internet and cyberspace posed. Most issues continue to remain unresolved in our […]

Wikimedia Foundation v. NSA and Constitutional Standing

On March 10, ACLU on behalf of eight organisations including Wikimedia Foundation, Amnesty International USA and Human Rights Watch filed a complaint challenging NSA’s mass interception and surveillance program. The complainants allege that the mass upstream surveillance programs being run by the government exceeds the scope of authority granted by Congress in the FAA and violates the […]

Right to be forgotten

The ‘right to be forgotten’ has been a hotly debated issue in recent years, and lies at the centre of discussions involving freedom of expression and privacy in the digital age. This note will attempt to outline what this right entails and what potential issues could be faced in its practical application. Currently, the question of the application […]

Copyright Issues in Open Source Software – Part 2

After an introduction to Open Source software and some salient issues with respect to it, I follow up with an article focused on the most widely used open source licenses, the GNU GPL licenses. As discussed in my previous post, the GPL licenses fall under the restrictive licenses category. The GPL licenses can be extremely complex […]

Copyright Issues in Open Source Software – Part 1

I periodically receive queries on open source software (OSS), particularly the complicated GPL license from my developer friends. Understanding the OSS licenses is as important for programmers and software developers as, say, understanding the Creative Commons licenses would be for artists. They should be clear whenever they use OSS (which is often) on the scope […]