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Regulatory Interventions for Emerging Economies Governing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Public Functions

I co-authored a paper titled ‘Regulatory Interventions for Emerging Economies Governing the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Public Functions’. The paper explores ‘extitutional’ approaches to regulation of AI. This work was done under a grant from UNESCAP via the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). An early draft was presented at the AI for Social […]

Ethics and Human Rights Review of Codes of Ethics in computational and information sciences

Over 2017-19, I led a body of research at CIS which attempted to articulate an ethical framework to study big data practices. This is a four-part review of guideline documents for ethics and human rights in big data for development research. This research was produced as part of the Big Data for Development network supported […]

The Srikrishna Committee Data Protection Bill and Artificial Intelligence in India

This article was authored by me and Elonnai Hickok. Artificial Intelligence in many ways is in direct conflict with traditional data protection principles and requirements including consent, purpose limitation, data minimization, retention and deletion, accountability, and transparency. Other related privacy concerns in the context of AI center around re-identification and de-anonymisation, discrimination, unfairness, inaccuracies, bias, […]

AI and Governance in India

The use of Artificial Intelligence has the potential to ameliorate several existing structural inefficiencies in the discharge of governmental functions. Our research indicates that the deployment of this technology across sub-sectors is still on the horizons. Much of the technological capacity and funding for AI in governance in India is coming from the private sector […]

AI in Banking and Finance

In the last couple of years, the finance and banking sectors in India have increasingly deployed and implemented AI technologies. Such technologies are being implemented for front-end and back end processes – offering solutions for both financial and business management operations. At the moment, the AI landscape appears to be overwhelmingly populated by natural language […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Healthcare Industry in India

This report was authored by Yesha Paul, Elonnai Hickok, Udbhav Tiwari and me. Ecosystem mapping by Shweta Mohandas, Sidharth Ray and Elonnai Hickok, and designed by Saumyaa Naidu. Artificial Intelligence is fast emerging as a key technological paradigm in different sectors across the globe including India. Towards understanding the state of AI in India, challenges to the […]