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Privacy is not a unidimensional concept

This article was originally published in The Economic Times. Right to privacy is important not only for our negotiations with the information age but also to counter the transgressions of a welfare state. A robust right to privacy is essential for all citizens in India to defend their individual autonomy in the face of invasive […]

Privacy in the age of big data

This article was originally published in The Asian Age. Personal data is freely accessible, shared and even sold, and those to whom this information belongs have little control over its flow. In 2011 it was estimated that the quantity of data produced globally surpassed 1.8 zettabyte. By 2013, it had increased to 4 zettabytes. This […]

Right to be forgotten: a tale of two judgements

This article was originally published on the Centre for Internet & Society’s Internet Governance blog. In the last few months, there have been contrasting judgments from two Indian high courts, Karnataka and Gujarat, on matters relating to the right to be forgotten. The two high courts heard pleas on issues to do the right of […]

Privacy gaps in the Digital India project

This report was authored by Anisha Gupta and edited by me. It was originally published in the Internet Governance blog of the Centre for Internet and Society’s website. The Central and State governments in India have been increasingly taking steps to fulfill the goal of a ‘Digital India’ by undertaking e-governance schemes. Numerous schemes have […]